Success Academy Ignites Student Curiosity

Children are by nature very curious. They see the world around them and they want to know all about it. Parents come to realize they must do all they can to help them make sense of the world. One of the best ways to do this is with the best possible education an an early age. Intelligent, thoughtful and caring teachers can help any child channel their curiosity to help them learn about the world they will enter as adults. At Success Academy, all staffers know the importance of helping young children use their sense of curiosity well. They know that kids who are shown how to explore the world around them safely are kids who will grow up loving learning.


Understanding How Children Learn


All those who work at Success Academy understand how children learn. They know that children go through stages of learning that unfold as the child grows up. In order to help students transition from one state to another, staffers here work with proven educational methods that have been repeatedly shown to get results. Staffers here are given a complete and thorough grounding in all aspects of educational theory. This helps them see where children are in their stage of learning. Once this determination has been made, it’s then possible for the educators to create a highly specific learning plan for each student.


Tailored Learning Programs


Individualized educational plans are all about helping each child learn. When teachers take the time to find out each child’s current strengths and where they may need to see improvement. Once this is done, it’s then possible for the staffer to determine how best to help the student develop even further. Staffers here concentrate on a child’s natural interest about learning about the world. This curiosity is the foundation for all the learning that follows. They have methods they can use to help any child realize that being in a classroom is a pleasure that everyone can embrace and truly enjoy. This is one of many reasons why so many people have flocked here in order to help their children.

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Clearabee takes away the hassle of having to get rid of your rubbish. All you need to do is gather it together, book and appointment, and they will handle the rest. They make it easy to declutter and clean up your office or home. Give them a call-you’ll be glad you did.

Dr. Imran Haque – A Man of Action and Experience in Numerous Medical Specialties

Dr. Imran Haque proudly stands as a top-rated internal medicine specialist who resides in Asheboro, N.C. and also serves Ramseur, N.C. when he can. He’s a highly respected internist and has seen multiple forms of patients in more than 15 years and likewise offers numerous services in turn, such as physical examinations, management for diabetes, supplements, Venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing, laser hair removals and even weight management solutions. He originally trained at the University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Roanoke Salem Institute.


More Practices and Trainings on the Record – This Man Truly is

Blessed with Much


Imran Haque now holds his license in medical practice within medicine through the beautiful state of North Carolina; he is likewise enrolled within the state’s Maintenance of Certificates program for internal medicines. As a dedicated internist, Haque has intensely specialized knowledge with the ability to offer an array of numerous top-notch services at once. In addition to numerous routine physicals, he also offers primary care physician services on the side and has diagnosed multiple regular patients while offering referrals to additional specialists as needed. He has offered many patients the treatment they need from his own office through providing laboratory and ultrasound services in these very office locations. He also works with dermal fillers, Botox and diabetes needs. You may find more on Google Plus, Facebook or Yelp.




At Horizon’s Internal Medicine division, where Haque is heavily involved every day, they accept most known insurance plans, such as Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Choice Care Network, Gateway Health, Humana, Medicaid, Medicare and even Multi Plan. Plans and rates are negotiable as well. Find out more by visiting today.

Arthur Becker’s items from life and travel

Arthur Becker is a force to be reckoned with. He is a businessman, entrepreneur, real estate investor, artist extraordinaire. In the early 200’s he invested in tech companies that ended up making him a lot of money. Now he is investing in real estate in New York City and Florida, and it seems to be paying off for him.

He has kept a few mementos from his past, items that he signifies his rich and interesting life. One of the first things is Binoculars. It was one of his failed business ventures. He loves to collect little toy soldiers with binoculars. He also collects ancient currencies from African countries, some as old as a thousand years. Arthur actually reproduces them as sculptures and displays them in buildings.

He makes origami art with money. All of his art has a metaphor that comes with it. He even made a coy fish out of a one dollar bill. The next object is perishable and Arthur does not have it on display. They are cookies. In his early 30 he invested in a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. It paid off and sold it to Mrs. Fields cookies for 10 million dollars. Arthur Becker has eight balls and paperweights. He loved the eight ball growing up because he wanted to know what was happening in the future. He also uses them in his art. The paperweights signify travels to him and one of them was given to him from his 94 year old grandmother. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

He also has a photo of his two daughters, a NaviSite notepad, and a brick sample. NaviSite was a tech company he invested in the early 2000’s and the brick sample from his love of architecture. He even restores 18th-century homes.

Arthur Becker is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Zinio and is a managing member of Madison Partners LLC. He was also the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite. It is a NASDAQ quoted company.

Mr. Becker attended The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He also went to Bennington College and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1969. Arthur worked as a senior advisor for seven years at the Vera Wang fashion company; he was also married to her for 23 years. He resides in New York City.

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Success Academy Providing Thousands With Quality Education

Success Academy Charter Schools is a public charter school network in New York. It is the largest and highest performing school. Currently, the network has fourteen thousand students and operates forty-one schools in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. Since being founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz, the network has grown to be larger than ninety-five percent of school districts.


The teachers, students, and families all have a significant role in the achievements of Success Academy. Teachers are recent college graduates and are high vetted before being employed to ensure they are qualified to deliver the standard required. They are also monitored closely. Students, on the other hand, are expected to work hard and be disciplined since poor behavior is not tolerated as it is associated with poor performance. They are motivated by being given presents if they perform well in the tests. Parents are then involved if a student is facing a disciplinary case.


Students at Success Academy

Out of all the students, almost ninety-three percent are children of color. Getting a slot on the network is not easy in the available three thousand seats available the Academy received over seventeen thousand applications for the 2017-2018 academic year.



Success Academy won the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars 2017 Broad price award. While receiving the award, Eva Moskowitz said that she is hoping to grow the network to a hundred schools with fifty thousand students. She attributed the award to them being able to reinvent, rethink and reimagine schooling. She also announced the launch of a digital platform expected to help in sharing school designs, training, curriculum and other materials with charters around the country.


Courts ruling

The Appellate Court ruled in favor of Success Academy, supporting their decision of the network being responsible for overseeing the pre-kindergarten program as opposed to the New York City’s Department of Education. The court also ruled that the city should give Success Academy the seven hundred and twenty thousand for pre-K program. The ruling was celebrated by the other charter schools despite them having signed the contract that Success refused.