Orange Coast College leading the pack in recycling

Orange Coast College, one of the premier community colleges in Orange County, California has taken another step towards showing just how ahead of the game it is, especially when it comes to sustainability and “going green.” The college just recently announced it had opened its brand new recycling center, the culmination of more than 10 years of planning.


The center, which replaces an older facility which was seeing between 250-300 people come through a day, will allow for at least 400 people a day to come and drop off their recycling. The really good news is that this new OCC recycling center is not only bigger and more efficient, but there will be more materials it will be able to handle.


There’s nothing quite as frustrating as loading up your you car or truck and heading over to a place like this, only to find that what you have loaded up cannot be accepted. This is apparently one of the reasons the OCC decided it needed to finally implement its plan for the new recycling plan. The college has a sustainability supervisor who has largely spearheaded the project over the last few months. It appears Mike Carey couldn’t be happier with the way things came out in the end.


Speaking to the Coast Report Online, Carey told the college news site that the center wants to get even more attention eventually. The college will go about doing this by advertising in newspaper and radio ads.


Orange Coast College should have a good idea about what people in the surrounding areas are looking for when it comes to going green and sustainability. The college was founded in 1947 and has managed to turn itself into the leading community college in the area when it comes to sending students to four-year universities. Learn more:


The college offers more than 135 different academic and career programs and clearly prides itself in being a place that is utilizing the best state of the art equipment and technology when it comes to educating its students. Now they are utilizing that technology to help the community at large.

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The Mindset behind the Success of Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall

After a week of hard work, it is only fair that we reward ourselves with some excellent leisure. Roberto Santiago considered this factor. The smart entrepreneur born in Manaira always wanted to give his people a place they would rest and have fun without having to travel. He began pursuing his success journey by studying and acquiring a degree in Business Administration. This was in an attempt to top up the knowledge he had, to increase his business knowledge. The objective of Santiago was to build a recreational facility that suited all ages, such that no one would ever have to pay the transport cost to go and have fun. Santiago was able to achieve this dream.

Initially, Roberto gained his popularity through the blogs that he wrote. He posted fascinating and informative articles that attracted a big audience. He is also the owner of another famous mall called the mangiera mall. However, the mall that made him well-known and ranked as a successful entrepreneur is the Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall.

The mall is big such that the residents compare it to a small town. The maniara mall can take care of all your needs. You can basically, live in the maniara mall and never have to go out in search of anything. This is because whether you are looking for jewelry, clothing or any other general shopping; it is all under the maniara mall. In total, the company has a total number of 280 premises. Among them are schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, concert halls, and boutiques just to mention a few.

The favorite part of the Maniara people is the entertainment sector that the Roberto Santiago has brought along. When it comes to watching movies in 3D, the clients are given a chance to choose the movies that they want. Also, the mall has the Domus hall that is well equipped to ensure that the customer has a thrilling experience. The theater can accommodate a capacity of 8000 and is well ventilated.

When it comes to the delicacy sector, the Maniara mall has numerous place that serves different food types. This means that a family can go and bond as they try out new dishes or enjoy their favorite meals. The maniara mall also has playing stations for kids as well. This makes it very convenient for family outings.

Final Verdict

Roberto Santiago is a unique entrepreneur. This is because he based his business idea as a way to satisfy the needs of his people. The entrepreneur is very successful and, therefore, one of the most named business persons. Other entrepreneurs should strive to follow the example of Roberto Santiago. The mall is a great asset to the Maniara residents in all aspects; both economically and as a center for recreational facilities.


A Simple Guide Into Understanding Pennsylvanian Labor Laws

Labor laws are changing every single day. However, in Pennsylvania, there are a couple of clauses that one needs to understand in regards to these labor laws. Understanding these laws will ensure that an individual knows what is expected of them. When a person employees minors, (these are people under the age of 18) they are needed to abide by the CLL or Pennsylvanian Child Labor Law.

There is a law that dictates the minimum wage an employer should pay their employees. The law outlines how much employees should be paid when they work overtime. Their working hours are also described in this law. The Fair Labor Standards Act dictates two types of compensation. Federal and state minimum wages are the two wages to be adopted by employees.

FMLA is also known as The Family and Medical Leave Act. The act grants employees leave days whenever their family members are sick. The leave days at times go unpaid, but an employer is not allowed to fire anyone on this kind of leave. A period of 12 weeks in guaranteed for the leave, and it comes in handy when spouse, parents or children are not okay health wise. The leave is usually applicable in situations like when adopting a child and when close relatives get serious injuries in the military. Age discrimination is not allowed. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act dictates that young and old workers must be treated equally at work or during employment. IRS Worker Clarification, Situation –specific Laws, and Equal Employment Law are part of the Pennsylvanian labor laws.

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Career and Education Background of Karl Heideck

In April 2015, Karl Heideck was hired as a contract attorney by Hire Counsel. Hire Counsel provides innovative services to several law firms all over America. Before this, he served Pepper Hamilton as their project attorney. Karl has also served at Conrad O’Brien as an associate attorney.

Karl Heideck has expertise in pretrial and post-trial laws. He offers risk management and compliance services. He graduated from Swarthmore College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003. Karl later joined Temple University’s School of law. He graduated in 2009.

Journey Success of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is one of the known business women who has made it by himself. He acts as the Chairman and also the CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (kbs+). Through her commitment to the organization, she was able to make very dynamic significant which was initiated to the innovation which is aggressively focused on making other businesses and brands to make more profits hence they will be successful.

According to Campaignlive, she was given a position as the global CEO at one of the top organization named MDC Partners CP&B whereby it was newly introduced in the organization. Senecal also at the organization with her devotion she was made the president and the CEO of MDC Partners Network and globally executive chairman in KBS and also MDC sibling. She also ensured that things in the organization run smoothly so they can provide better services to their clients.

CP&B is an organization whereby her main role at the organization is to supervise the shop global progress, expansion and also to ensure that there is great coordination of the eight global branches. Here better management skills and experience at the organization enable him to make the organization to be one of the unique organizations in the world. Through the help of Andrew Keller, Steve Erich, Richard Pinder the organization was able to advance because they always come up with new techniques that enable the organization to provide better services.

In a report by The Drum, through the organization being awarded the global Infiniti account in October, therefore led to her being given the CP&B work. Furthermore, the award was due to her persistent on developing new business and also enlargement of markets of the organization in China and other parts of the world. Her main goal is to find market opportunities and also assist upcoming entrepreneurs who are committed so they can accomplish their goals in life. He as well ensure that he instigate certain values in the company so that the staff members can abide through them in order for things in the organization that he manages run smoothly including staff member should serve clients fist before attending to other task.

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Doe Deer Lime Crime

Successful individuals are busy people, but like any other human being a refreshing morning routine is key to the start of a great day. Have you ever wondered how the most successful people in the makeup industry go about kick starting their days?

Let us take a look at Doe Deere. As the creator of the very successful cosmetic line, Lime Crime, Doe Deere reveals the art of her morning routine and what contributes to her day to day success and well being.

Morning routines, everyone has one. Whether it be rolling out of bed, skipping breakfast, and heading straight out of the door, or following elaborate time consuming steps to ensure a great start to the day. In the case of the well known founder of Lime Crime makeup, Doe Deere, her morning routine is timely and organized.

Beginning by a self set mental alarm, Deere sets a mental alarm to rise out of bed at exactly 8:30 am. No if and’s or buts, Deere does not play with her beauty sleep and enforces the importance and what contributes to great skin is a good nights rest.

As a resident of Los Angeles, Doe Deere is used to the very dry climate. Despite this, she takes precautions in staying hydrated by kick starting her day with a glass of water. After a full glass of hydration, Deere proceeds to perform several stretches of the body. Her favorite is a relaxing back exercise called “cat/camel”. After a soothing stretch session, Deere proceeds to prepare her breakfast. Grits, yogurt, fruit, and orange juice are some of Deere’s favorite breakfast foods.

Although mornings are for creativity flares and freedom or electronics and the media, Doe Deere loves her social media. Having a calendar schedule is also a must for Deere to keep up with meetings and anything that might be going on at the office prior to her arriving.

As for Doe Deere’s morning face routine she uses products from Glossier to L’Oreal and everything in between. Although hard to believe, Deere does not spend but 15 minutes to an hour doing her makeup, which is a decent amount of time. Makeup lovers can relate.

At the office, Deere enjoys socializing and connecting with her team tackling meetings in between. Doe Deere likes to call an end to the day at around 6 pm to enjoy the rest of her evening with her cats at home, but when it is a busy day she can stay at the office till midnight.

Doe Deere’s colorful hair and makeup give a feel to what Lime Crime is all about. The main goal at Lime Crime is to bring out the confidence in an individual and revolutionize the makeup industry. Lime crime wants to let it be known that makeup is art and makeup is beautiful. Lime Crime has been living up to their mission, as their makeup products are a favorite in social media and digital space.

Lime Crime takes pride in their vegan cruelty free makeup products to give you the best you and help you rock it in every look!




Aloha Construction started an additional roofing and siding season in April 2017. Many places in Northern Illinois have had to deal with high winds and storms that have left them with a lot more problems. This is where the company, which has extended their services to the whole of Illinois, comes in handy. They have made new developments to ensure that they offer nothing if not the best.


Advancements that Aloha Construction Inc. has made


Aloha Construction intends to make things better, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to provide first-rate services to the residents of Illinois.


The company’s website


The company has opened a website ( to allow their clients to access help faster. This will lessen the frustrations that home owners have to undergo as they seek help whenever they have roofing and restoration problems.


An Interior Restoration Service


They also announced the launching of their interior restoration service that was set to be done in May. The primary aim of the service is to build more quality homes for their clients.The President of Aloha Construction Inc., David A. Farbaky stated that their focus is on providing quality services to the people of Southern Illinois and that they intended to expand their horizons to Midwest.Aloha construction Inc. is family owned and comprises bonded as well as insured general contractors whose services are for the residents of Illinois. These services vary.


Roofing and siding


They provide all kind of roofing services at rates that are quite reasonable. This is because they want their clients to benefit from their incredible skills and expertise fully.Again, they also do all types of siding. All a client has to do is give their specification.




Aloha Construction Inc. also provides installation services. These include door, gutter, and siding and insulation installation.Aloha construction has seen to it that life is a lot easier for the people of Illinois. They now have a place to run to whenever storms and malicious winds threaten to steal away their smiles.



Success Academy Ignites Student Curiosity

Children are by nature very curious. They see the world around them and they want to know all about it. Parents come to realize they must do all they can to help them make sense of the world. One of the best ways to do this is with the best possible education an an early age. Intelligent, thoughtful and caring teachers can help any child channel their curiosity to help them learn about the world they will enter as adults. At Success Academy, all staffers know the importance of helping young children use their sense of curiosity well. They know that kids who are shown how to explore the world around them safely are kids who will grow up loving learning.


Understanding How Children Learn


All those who work at Success Academy understand how children learn. They know that children go through stages of learning that unfold as the child grows up. In order to help students transition from one state to another, staffers here work with proven educational methods that have been repeatedly shown to get results. Staffers here are given a complete and thorough grounding in all aspects of educational theory. This helps them see where children are in their stage of learning. Once this determination has been made, it’s then possible for the educators to create a highly specific learning plan for each student.


Tailored Learning Programs


Individualized educational plans are all about helping each child learn. When teachers take the time to find out each child’s current strengths and where they may need to see improvement. Once this is done, it’s then possible for the staffer to determine how best to help the student develop even further. Staffers here concentrate on a child’s natural interest about learning about the world. This curiosity is the foundation for all the learning that follows. They have methods they can use to help any child realize that being in a classroom is a pleasure that everyone can embrace and truly enjoy. This is one of many reasons why so many people have flocked here in order to help their children.

Clearabee-Happily Cleaning up Your Mess

Clearabee has grown t be the largest rubbish removal service in the UK. They started out with just one vehicle outside of Northampton and they now have a fleet of 65 vehicle and over 165 employees.


Clearabee strives to deliver the best service possible and are a very reliable rubbish removal service. They do not subcontract so you can be confident that your rubbish, once removed, will end up at a proper wastes management facility. They provide their services to the London and surrounding areas and are always very punctual.


You can easily book a rubbish removal pickup using a company such as Clearabee at a convenient time and location for you. All you need to do is pick up the phone or book online. They are available six days s week and they are available in the mornings and evenings as well.


Clearabee offers many different package sizes and you can pick the rubbish removal service that suits your specific needs. They offer a skip bag service that gives you the freedom to leave you “Beebag” in the most convenient location for you and they also offer a “Beeloyal” program that gives its customers a 10% discount on all qualifying rubbish removal services.


Clearabee takes away the hassle of having to get rid of your rubbish. All you need to do is gather it together, book and appointment, and they will handle the rest. They make it easy to declutter and clean up your office or home. Give them a call-you’ll be glad you did.

Dr. Imran Haque – A Man of Action and Experience in Numerous Medical Specialties

Dr. Imran Haque proudly stands as a top-rated internal medicine specialist who resides in Asheboro, N.C. and also serves Ramseur, N.C. when he can. He’s a highly respected internist and has seen multiple forms of patients in more than 15 years and likewise offers numerous services in turn, such as physical examinations, management for diabetes, supplements, Venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing, laser hair removals and even weight management solutions. He originally trained at the University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Roanoke Salem Institute.


More Practices and Trainings on the Record – This Man Truly is

Blessed with Much


Imran Haque now holds his license in medical practice within medicine through the beautiful state of North Carolina; he is likewise enrolled within the state’s Maintenance of Certificates program for internal medicines. As a dedicated internist, Haque has intensely specialized knowledge with the ability to offer an array of numerous top-notch services at once. In addition to numerous routine physicals, he also offers primary care physician services on the side and has diagnosed multiple regular patients while offering referrals to additional specialists as needed. He has offered many patients the treatment they need from his own office through providing laboratory and ultrasound services in these very office locations. He also works with dermal fillers, Botox and diabetes needs. You may find more on Google Plus, Facebook or Yelp.




At Horizon’s Internal Medicine division, where Haque is heavily involved every day, they accept most known insurance plans, such as Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Choice Care Network, Gateway Health, Humana, Medicaid, Medicare and even Multi Plan. Plans and rates are negotiable as well. Find out more by visiting today.

Arthur Becker’s items from life and travel

Arthur Becker is a force to be reckoned with. He is a businessman, entrepreneur, real estate investor, artist extraordinaire. In the early 200’s he invested in tech companies that ended up making him a lot of money. Now he is investing in real estate in New York City and Florida, and it seems to be paying off for him.

He has kept a few mementos from his past, items that he signifies his rich and interesting life. One of the first things is Binoculars. It was one of his failed business ventures. He loves to collect little toy soldiers with binoculars. He also collects ancient currencies from African countries, some as old as a thousand years. Arthur actually reproduces them as sculptures and displays them in buildings.

He makes origami art with money. All of his art has a metaphor that comes with it. He even made a coy fish out of a one dollar bill. The next object is perishable and Arthur does not have it on display. They are cookies. In his early 30 he invested in a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. It paid off and sold it to Mrs. Fields cookies for 10 million dollars. Arthur Becker has eight balls and paperweights. He loved the eight ball growing up because he wanted to know what was happening in the future. He also uses them in his art. The paperweights signify travels to him and one of them was given to him from his 94 year old grandmother. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

He also has a photo of his two daughters, a NaviSite notepad, and a brick sample. NaviSite was a tech company he invested in the early 2000’s and the brick sample from his love of architecture. He even restores 18th-century homes.

Arthur Becker is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Zinio and is a managing member of Madison Partners LLC. He was also the Chief Executive Officer of NaviSite. It is a NASDAQ quoted company.

Mr. Becker attended The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He also went to Bennington College and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1969. Arthur worked as a senior advisor for seven years at the Vera Wang fashion company; he was also married to her for 23 years. He resides in New York City.

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