Securus Technologies – Hoping to End the Problem of Contraband Phones Use in Prisons

Securus Technologies is the only correctional firm that has been able to develop and launch a contraband interdiction technology successfully. The penitentiary arena needed a contraband interdiction technology for a long time as it is what would put an end to the menace caused by the use of contraband phones. The prisoners are found with contraband phones inside the prison, and no matter which the correctional authority implements security measure, the prisoners have managed to find a way out.


The use of contraband phones is illegal and if the prisoners are found using contraband phones, not only can their jail time increase, it can potentially put other inmates and officers in danger as well. The use of contraband phones is mostly to control the illegal activities of the criminals outside the prison. It is essential that the law enforcement agencies take proper measures to stop the use of contraband phones else the problem would continue to persist, and criminals would continue to have an advantage over the correctional agencies.


The wireless containment system by the Securus Technologies has been tried and tested in the past couple of years, and it has managed to put an end to the worries of the correctional authorities. The wireless containment system freezes the contraband phones and renders it useless as it cannot connect to the commercial networks.


The wireless containment system ensures that only the authorized phones can connect to the network, and the unauthorized telephones are unable to receive or make calls. It stopped over 1.7 million illegal communications in the eight facilities where Securus Technologies served in one year. It goes on to show how useful the WCS technology is. The FCC has promised to lower the paperwork and other formalities required to get access to the WCS technology and for its installation.


Securus Technologies has helped in the building of one of the most exclusive and useful contraband interdiction technologies that many other correctional facilities aim to start using soon. The fact that the company has received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service speaks a lot about the standard maintained by the company.


Recently, one of the videos made by an inmate went viral on Facebook that revealed how important it is for the correctional facilities to have the wireless containment system installed. The inmate, who posted the video on Facebook, shot the video on his contraband phone. The corrections officers are tired of this menace of the contraband phones’ use. With the use of Wireless Containment Solutions by Securus Technologies, the unauthorized communication from inside the prison would end soon, which also help in controlling the crime would rate drastically.