How Dr. Saad’s Invention Saved Children’s Lives

Dr. Saad, once a renowned pediatric surgeon developed inventions that still aid in saving the lives of children. Having performed numerous surgeries for his pediatric patients, Dr. Saad discovered what worked, and what needed to change. His primary goal was always his patients, and finding new and better ways of doing things. Reducing pain was an obvious goal as well, while minimizing the need for invasive tools in any procedure. Dr. Saad’s reputation grew tremendously over the course of more than 40 years, as he was dedicated to performing complex procedures in pediatric medicine, inside his community and outside.


One of the biggest accomplishments for Dr. Saad, was the invention of a device to locate catheters. This was a useful device since the use of medical catheters has increased. The purpose of the device was to minimize stress for the patient as well as reduce cost. The device would help doctors and nurses locate catheters with ease, eliminating the need for the patient to have a body scan in order to find it. Typically, an x-ray or MRI machine would be needed in order to locate a catheter, but with this device, Dr. Saad made it simple for both the patient and the doctor, using only electromagnetic energy.


Dr. Saad has been highly praised for his creation of this device for many reasons. Just a few of those reasons include eliminating the use of guide wires. These wires have been used for many years, but they can get stuck inside the patient during the process. The device is also simple to use. Because it uses electromagnetic energy, the device operates much like a metal detector. The tip of a catheter houses a tiny magnetic tip. When the device is swept over the patient’s body, they can detect the exact location of the catheter. Patient’s won’t need exposure to x-ray machines, and they won’t have to worry about the cost of an MRI.


Dr, Saad is now retired after working as a pediatric surgeon for 47 years. His career began at Cairo University School of Medicine. When he came to the United States, he began to set records. It was in the early 80’s that he was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon that was fluent in Arabic and English. He continued to give back throughout his career by working on four medical missions, and ensuring that children were able to get the surgical procedures they needed regardless of their financial situation. Learn more:

Clearabee-Happily Cleaning up Your Mess

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Success Academy Providing Thousands With Quality Education

Success Academy Charter Schools is a public charter school network in New York. It is the largest and highest performing school. Currently, the network has fourteen thousand students and operates forty-one schools in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. Since being founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz, the network has grown to be larger than ninety-five percent of school districts.


The teachers, students, and families all have a significant role in the achievements of Success Academy. Teachers are recent college graduates and are high vetted before being employed to ensure they are qualified to deliver the standard required. They are also monitored closely. Students, on the other hand, are expected to work hard and be disciplined since poor behavior is not tolerated as it is associated with poor performance. They are motivated by being given presents if they perform well in the tests. Parents are then involved if a student is facing a disciplinary case.


Students at Success Academy

Out of all the students, almost ninety-three percent are children of color. Getting a slot on the network is not easy in the available three thousand seats available the Academy received over seventeen thousand applications for the 2017-2018 academic year.



Success Academy won the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars 2017 Broad price award. While receiving the award, Eva Moskowitz said that she is hoping to grow the network to a hundred schools with fifty thousand students. She attributed the award to them being able to reinvent, rethink and reimagine schooling. She also announced the launch of a digital platform expected to help in sharing school designs, training, curriculum and other materials with charters around the country.


Courts ruling

The Appellate Court ruled in favor of Success Academy, supporting their decision of the network being responsible for overseeing the pre-kindergarten program as opposed to the New York City’s Department of Education. The court also ruled that the city should give Success Academy the seven hundred and twenty thousand for pre-K program. The ruling was celebrated by the other charter schools despite them having signed the contract that Success refused.