Talk Fusion is Not Just For Business Applications

Talk Fusion is a very useful tool that many companies are using to achieve better profits and sales. Talk Fusion utilizes video in order to help companies present their marketing efforts more memorable and interesting as well as engaging.


Talk Fusion has expanded to over 140 countries and has added a video chat app. The features and functions of the app make it possible to help companies be much more competitive and are a convenient feature. The app is available on Google Play stores and on iTunes and is easily downloadable onto iPhones, iPod Touch devices, and iPads as long as they are equipped with the iOS 7 operating system. A minimum 4.4.3 system is required to run the app on an Android device.


Talk Fusion is best known for its video email product and the app makes it much more convenient to connect with contacts and users of the app can even send video email messages from their device to clients. This makes it possible to oversee video marketing campaigns from any location.


Being able to personalize email messages with video helps to grab the attention of customers, vendors, and team members. If the engagement rate is higher, so will the clickthroughs. The app makes it possible to upload older videos and record live. There are many templates to choose from, and it’s even possible to change many of the features such as change the display names. Talk Fusion can also be used for personal correspondence and is a convenient way to connect with friends and family.


Bob Reina, founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion has overcome numerous challenges as the product and company has grown. According to Reina, one of the things that set Talk Fusion apart from similar products is its market appeal. Talk Fusion can be applied to many different applications and is a convenient way to stand out. Talk Fusion can be used to send video newsletters, video email, and can be used for video chat, live meetings, and sign-up forms. Talk Fusion is also a one-stop product and eliminates the need to use multiple companies to meet all of the marketing needs of a client. Talk Fusion can be used to view analytics, organize information, schedule email campaigns, and store files, just to name a couple of its applications. Reina likes to stay ahead of what’s coming as far as trends and technology goes. Learn more: