The Mindset behind the Success of Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall

After a week of hard work, it is only fair that we reward ourselves with some excellent leisure. Roberto Santiago considered this factor. The smart entrepreneur born in Manaira always wanted to give his people a place they would rest and have fun without having to travel. He began pursuing his success journey by studying and acquiring a degree in Business Administration. This was in an attempt to top up the knowledge he had, to increase his business knowledge. The objective of Santiago was to build a recreational facility that suited all ages, such that no one would ever have to pay the transport cost to go and have fun. Santiago was able to achieve this dream.

Initially, Roberto gained his popularity through the blogs that he wrote. He posted fascinating and informative articles that attracted a big audience. He is also the owner of another famous mall called the mangiera mall. However, the mall that made him well-known and ranked as a successful entrepreneur is the Roberto Santiago Maniara Shopping Mall.

The mall is big such that the residents compare it to a small town. The maniara mall can take care of all your needs. You can basically, live in the maniara mall and never have to go out in search of anything. This is because whether you are looking for jewelry, clothing or any other general shopping; it is all under the maniara mall. In total, the company has a total number of 280 premises. Among them are schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, concert halls, and boutiques just to mention a few.

The favorite part of the Maniara people is the entertainment sector that the Roberto Santiago has brought along. When it comes to watching movies in 3D, the clients are given a chance to choose the movies that they want. Also, the mall has the Domus hall that is well equipped to ensure that the customer has a thrilling experience. The theater can accommodate a capacity of 8000 and is well ventilated.

When it comes to the delicacy sector, the Maniara mall has numerous place that serves different food types. This means that a family can go and bond as they try out new dishes or enjoy their favorite meals. The maniara mall also has playing stations for kids as well. This makes it very convenient for family outings.

Final Verdict

Roberto Santiago is a unique entrepreneur. This is because he based his business idea as a way to satisfy the needs of his people. The entrepreneur is very successful and, therefore, one of the most named business persons. Other entrepreneurs should strive to follow the example of Roberto Santiago. The mall is a great asset to the Maniara residents in all aspects; both economically and as a center for recreational facilities.