Neurocore Centers offers behavioral therapy that could disrupt ADHD and Depression treatment

ADHD and depression are maladies where treatment typically requires a combination of prescription medicine and behavioral treatment; however, today’s life pace is leading to ADHD diagnosed kids receiving the former with most of them skipping therapy. Neurocore Centers offers behavioral treatment which not only complements the results of the prescription medicine, but also shows a 75% success rate, defined as a reduction in the need of dose, or complete stoppage of the prescription medicine usage.

Founded in 2004, Neurocore is one of the centers that offers Neurofeedback therapy as a treatment. The therapy teaches the brain to self regulate through biofeedback. The treatment has a broad range of application, and shows positive results for children, adults and high performance athletes. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Treatment starts with an assessment session, where the specific requirements of the patient are determined. In this session, the patient is given a belt that monitors breathing. In addition, the patient will receive a cap with sensors that allow the technician to read the patient’s brain waves.

In the Neurofeedback sessions, the same cap and belt are utilized. The patient will then watch a movie that stops when the brain waves and breathing are not in sync. When the movie stops, the patient needs to focus on his breathing to correct and returned to a balanced state for the movie to resume.

The brain and breathing learn to maintained a balanced state on their own after several sessions on correction. This learning of the brain is fundamental for the success of the Neurofeedback therapy. Neurocore Centers’ Clinical Specialist Rochelle Fintelman states that after undergoing the treatment for ADHD, patients don’t need to take treatment for ADHD again. Read more about Neurocore at

The treatment is not only offered for ADHD; Depression is also treated through neurofeedback with the possibility of having a completely drug free program.

The assessment session for depression treatment starts with identifying what is causing the symptoms of depression utilizing advanced qEEG technology. After the assessment, Depression treatment patients receive a customized neurofeedback treatment.

In line with ADHD results, Depression treatment reports a significant success rate on patients that complete the Neurocore Center program with 84% of patients reporting a clinically important reduction of Depressive symptoms.