Neurocore Shows The Trail Blazers How To Stay In The Zone

When you think about training for basketball, you probably think about relays on the field and practicing shooting hoops. What you probably don’t think about is companies like Neurocore and their advanced methods to train the brain. Neurocore’s methods using neuroscience aren’t just being used to treat problems like ADHD and anxiety, they’re now part of the intensive training program by the Portland Trail Blazers. See more information about Neurocore at

As knowledge of how the brain and the body work increases, more methods to optimize the systems of the body are being discovered. This is where the science of Neurocore comes into play. By reteaching the brain how to function, athletes may be able to enhance how they perform on the field and off during recovery.

Sports can be rough on the body, including the brain. Neurocore is constantly seeking out new ways to help the body heal after injuries. While ensuring that the body heals properly is always addressed, many sports experts and professionals don’t stop to consider the impact that these injuries may have on the brain. While people were aware that injuries like impact on the head probably weren’t good on the body, they didn’t think there were any options so it wasn’t usually discussed. Neurocore and the Trail Blazers are changing this.


These injuries to the brain can cause problems with concentration, memory, and performance. This is why Neurocore uses neuroscience to help train the brain to function with these injuries and retrain the brain. Studies have found that players who have had a concussion are more likely to be diagnosed with depression as well, a problem that the methods of Neurocore are often used to treat.

Players use the Neurocore Pro device for their treatment sessions. These sessions are 30 minutes long and may just look like the player is watching a movie. The Neurocore Pro measures the electrical activity happening in the brain to make sure that the wearer is concentrating on the task at hand. Though the Neurocore “brain” room may look sci-fi, it’s based on real neuroscience and teaches players how to keep their focus and stay in the zone. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.