Jim Larkin Offered People a Chance to Feel Safe

Since Jim Larkin was so supportive of the union, he knew the way it worked. He also knew it would keep getting better if he could get a lot of support for it. Jim Larkin always wanted people to see they could get things they wanted from their employers if they took advantage of the union and everything it had for people. He went above and beyond to get people to become involved with the union. Jim Larkin even did things he probably shouldn’t have done to help others get involved with the union. It was his goal of helping people that showed them what they could get from the things they were doing. He always wanted people to see they had a chance and they had the ability to make sure things would keep getting better through the unions they could start with their employers.


Jim Larkin dedicated everything he had to the union. He knew how to use the union to get better and he knew how to make it something he could experience. There were times when Jim Larkin had to make sure things would work well for him and for others and that’s how he showed people what they could do in different situations. Despite the issues that sometimes came from working in different areas, Jim Larkin felt good about how he could give back and what he could do to make things easier on himself. Jim Larkin always saw the positive experiences that came from helping people and giving back to different communities.


Even when Jim Larkin tried helping people, he felt it was important to give everyone the chances they needed for success. It was how he hoped to give people all the opportunities they needed and how he put things into perspective for other people to enjoy. While the community changed a lot during the time he was helping out, Jim Larkin felt it was something he’d have to make work better. It was how he pushed forward that gave him a chance to do things the right way on his own in different situations.