Barbara Stokes and GSH are Developing Customized Homes for Hurricane Disaster

Barbara Stokes is using her previous experience to offer leadership skills and guidance to her house-building organization based in Huntsville, Alabama. Having previously worked in the private sector, Barbara has the necessary knowledge that makes private organizations perform better than government-owned organizations. One of the critical aspects that Barbara Stokes has ensured is that her organization is not after money but quality service delivery. This means that the entity is focused on providing solutions to some of the challenges that people are facing in the world today. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Through her knowledge of project management, Barbara Stokes has helped Green Structure Homes to start and complete different projects within the required time. Not only does Green Structure Home Company finish the projects within the stipulated period, but it also offers quality services to the clients. The housing units build and sold by this entity are durable and are hurricane resistant. This means that you feel secure and more comfortable as the houses cannot be damaged by winds moving at higher speeds. It is important to highlight that weaker homes are easily destroyed by strong moving winds that are consistently experienced in the United States.

Having worked at Boeing, Barbara Stokes might have understood the value of offering customized goods and services. Boeing has been known to provide tailor-made planes to its customers. Barbara Stokes has developed a model that ensures Green Structure Homes provide homes and houses that meet the needs of the user. This means that you can indicate how you want your house to look. Other people offer suggestions on how they would like their bedrooms or the visitors’ rooms to look like. Offering customized houses has proved to be one of the best strategies for Green Structure Homes.


Additionally, Barbara Stokes has accumulated sufficient knowledge and experience that helps her to understand what problems people are facing. One of the challenges that Barbara Stokes identified was the increased cost of energy. To solve this problem, Barbara Stokes formulated and implemented strategies that will ensure that her company builds energy efficient homes. Currently, the houses built by Green Structure Homes are energy efficient and have mechanisms to protect and maintain the surrounding environment. Read more at Business Insider.