The California Based Nonprofit Charter School, Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit organization of public schools that is based in Redwood, California in the United States. The network which is also located in Tennesse, Wisconsin and Washington D.C, was established by Preston Smith and John Danner in the year 2006. Its first school was launched in the year 2007 in San Jose, California.

Rocketship Education is regarded as one of the best low-cost charter schools in the United States. Due to its profound performance, the network has been a beneficiary of several funding programs.

In the year 2015, Reed Hastings who is the Chief Executive Officer of Netflix released $2 million in support of the network’s Bay Area. The Obama Administration also donated $2 million to boost Rocketship Education’s development.

Fast growth has characterized Rocketship Education since its inception. In August 2013, the charter network established its pioneer branch school outside of California; the school was set up in Milwaukee, California.

In the following year, Rocketship Education extended its system to include another branch in Nashville, Tennessee. Also, the company set up another office in Washington D.C in the year 2016.

Rocketship Education utilizes a hybrid mechanism of education that includes personal online learning and minimized group tutoring. The network partners with nonprofit groups that enter university graduates into educational teaching employment.

The charter schools aim at providing education to students from humble backgrounds. In the year 2016, Techbridge signed a contract that was aimed towards allowing a section of 5th-grade students to have an eBay global headquarters visit.

According to statistics, during the 2016-2017 academic year, more than 85 percent of the students who were put in Rocketship Education, ailed from humble economic backgrounds. Most of them too learned English as their second language.

Most of the rules and traditions used in Rocketship Education can be reflected in many charter schools across the United States. Smith, the founder of Rocketship Education, announced that the school maximizes technological use in its teaching program.

Preston Smith further said that the students spend most of their time learning a variety of programs including Dreambox, Lexia and ST Math at Rocketship.