Startups have numerous advantages to the economy of a country and the people in the society. First, of, startups are creating job opportunities for many people. secondly, they are offering the young people to demonstrate their skills and innovations. Finally, they are able to show address the local problems that the local communities are facing.


Mike Baur is a famous banker who has gotten the chance to advise rich Swiss people on taking the opportunities of profitable investments. At the time that Mike Baur got this opportunity, he was 20 years old. He then got a status in Swiss Bank which was a rare opportunity and the most coveted status. His effort and zeal made him move up the ladder from a commercial apprentice at UBS to an executive board member of the Swiss Private Bank.


In the year 2008, Mike Baur got the opportunity of being appointed as the Head Director of Private Banking at the UBS Zurich branch. Mike Baur worked with this company for about eight years. The Chief Executive Officer of Clariden Leu saw the zeal and hard work of Mike and gave him the opportunity of working as a regional manager in the Zurich region.


Mike’s urge to help future entrepreneurs made him and his partner start a company by the name Swiss Startup Factory. His experience in banking helped to become acquitted with the risks and challenges that entrepreneurs deal with in a day. This company allows entrepreneurs to make financial decisions that are strategic and well thought. The company also gives mentorship and coaching to entrepreneurs who are starting up their businesses or want to grow their businesses. The success behind Swiss Startup Factory is the relationship that Mike Baur has created between him and his customers. Most of the entrepreneurs that take advice from Swiss Startup Factory have been able to grow in the business world and have made good financial investments.


Mike Baur indicates that the time he has spent in the banking career has helped him achieve enough knowledge and skills to understand and make it through his career. Swiss Startup Factory is the leading privately financed and independent early-stage startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike gives advice that to be a successful entrepreneur one has to be adaptable; in that he or she should be able to adapt to new developments in the socio-economic environment. One should take risks and face setbacks to succeed.