Glenn Schlossberg A Man Of All Trades

Who is Glenn Schlossberg? A business mogul, a clothes’ designer, producer, inventor, Schlossberg represent all those things. Glenn Schlossberg started in his father’s, shop spending hours learning his craft. He didn’t stop there though. As he learned the trade, his belief in himself grew. He knew he could do better. With his uncanny ability to predict trends, he has successfully stayed at the top of his game.

Despite not having a formal education, he launched Jump, a clothing brand for young women. At twenty-six, he landed a million dollar account with Montgomery Ward, reports by

An instinct to know when to make changes, Glenn Schlossberg took the initiative when cotton Lycra lost its appeal. He scraped everything and reinvented Jump, did his research on which department had the strongest sales and put his concentration in that area. Always on the lookout for new trends, he discovered a need for plus size clothing when a customer wanted to see his evening dresses in a larger size. He took the plunge into the market of plus size by creating a new line called Onyx Nite. Tianna B his daytime clothing line is hugely popular.

Schlossberg credits much of his success from his need for speed. Indeed, his need for speed gives him the one up on his competition. For instance, he remains ahead by ensuring whatever products were sold out had a twenty-one-day turned around.

Glenn Schlossberg’s instinct has led him all over the world in search of the perfect fabric and design, especially to China and Korea. Experience has taught him to spot the right fabric before the consumer could even ask for it.

In addition, he recognizes a good deal. For example, his company has purchased Cathy Daniel APPAREL, a sportswear company, that has been in business for forty years.

Perhaps, some of Schlossberg’s success came from the fact that he kept to one area. Most of his production is done in Manhattan Midtown however, at least 20 percent of his sells are abroad.

He received numerous awards, including the Export Achievement Award. He and his company were named Fashion Industry Exporter of the year. His advice to young entrepreneurs starts your business as soon as possible.

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