Sam Jejurikar: A Famous Cosmetic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is gaining popularity in the modern world. People are continuously seeking to adjust their breasts, facial appearance, and butts. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a Dallas based plastic surgeon who prides himself in providing successful cosmetic adjustment. He always serves with a professional demeanor that leaves colleagues and clients admiring his work. He is an active member of International Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Taskforce.

The organization is committed to research and examine the side effects of augmentation surgery. Sam Jejurikar was born in Minnesota and spent his teenage life in the Midwest. He had a passion for medicine and ended up at the University of Michigan. After clearing his med studies, he went to New York where he advanced his studies in Manhattan ear, eye and throat hospital. The experience at Manhattan made him more aggressive to learn more about cosmetic surgery. Besides having honing skills in medicine, Sam Jejurikar is also an eloquent speaker. He attracts a large crowd in his speeches covering successful cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic based research.

Sam Jejurikar is a celebrated philanthropist who gives back to the community by operating free surgeries to privileged members of the community. He extends his good deeds in other countries where he travels to help repair cleft palates and other affiliated deformities. One of the coming days, he will go to Bangladesh. On his tour to Bangladesh, he will attend to several patients in need of his medical attention. He never feels comfortable until he offers his medical services to people who urgently need them.

Despite being too busy, Dr. Sam Jejurikar creates time for his patients. He conducts consultancy services to his patients to monitor their progress and give them a go ahead. He does this to make sure individual medication is unique and suits his needs. Dr. Sam Jejurikar offer services that are not harmful to the client. His services are focused on reaching customer satisfaction. He allows his customers to express their need freely.

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