Madison Street Capital Has a Prosperous View of the World

For 13 years, a privately held company called Madison Street Capital in Chicago, IL, has been an important resource to consult when you are in need of advisory services. These days, it’s unusual for a company to not have a unique situation in terms of their business goals and this company has solutions for everybody. When a company works as hard as they do, you expect to hear about them in the financial news.


On November 16th, 2017 they were recognized for their hard work. Madison Street Capital are the winners of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year at the 2017 M&A Advisor Awards Gala held at the lavish Metropolitan Club in New York, NY. Awards have been given out since 2002, and this time Madison Street Capital was chosen out of 650 companies in the debt financing category. The award was given for their advisory services on the transaction of WLR Automotive. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, graciously congratulated WLR Automotive and the man who put it all together, Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that handles financial transactions for businesses. They are committed to the implementation of quality advisory services concerning corporate financial transactions that mutually benefit investors and business owners. Their expertise in corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions in unquestionably sound.


Madison Street Capital’s primary focus is on emerging markets as a source for the global growth of their customers. They are practiced in due diligence, valuation, and specialized financings and can even design and implement alternative exit strategies tailored to individual situations. With offices in Asia, Africa, and North America they have developed a worldview that utilizes networks and local business relationships. Their integrity and commitment to excellence complement their professionalism and their dedication to the highest levels of performance.

Securus Technologies – Hoping to End the Problem of Contraband Phones Use in Prisons

Securus Technologies is the only correctional firm that has been able to develop and launch a contraband interdiction technology successfully. The penitentiary arena needed a contraband interdiction technology for a long time as it is what would put an end to the menace caused by the use of contraband phones. The prisoners are found with contraband phones inside the prison, and no matter which the correctional authority implements security measure, the prisoners have managed to find a way out.


The use of contraband phones is illegal and if the prisoners are found using contraband phones, not only can their jail time increase, it can potentially put other inmates and officers in danger as well. The use of contraband phones is mostly to control the illegal activities of the criminals outside the prison. It is essential that the law enforcement agencies take proper measures to stop the use of contraband phones else the problem would continue to persist, and criminals would continue to have an advantage over the correctional agencies.


The wireless containment system by the Securus Technologies has been tried and tested in the past couple of years, and it has managed to put an end to the worries of the correctional authorities. The wireless containment system freezes the contraband phones and renders it useless as it cannot connect to the commercial networks.


The wireless containment system ensures that only the authorized phones can connect to the network, and the unauthorized telephones are unable to receive or make calls. It stopped over 1.7 million illegal communications in the eight facilities where Securus Technologies served in one year. It goes on to show how useful the WCS technology is. The FCC has promised to lower the paperwork and other formalities required to get access to the WCS technology and for its installation.


Securus Technologies has helped in the building of one of the most exclusive and useful contraband interdiction technologies that many other correctional facilities aim to start using soon. The fact that the company has received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service speaks a lot about the standard maintained by the company.


Recently, one of the videos made by an inmate went viral on Facebook that revealed how important it is for the correctional facilities to have the wireless containment system installed. The inmate, who posted the video on Facebook, shot the video on his contraband phone. The corrections officers are tired of this menace of the contraband phones’ use. With the use of Wireless Containment Solutions by Securus Technologies, the unauthorized communication from inside the prison would end soon, which also help in controlling the crime would rate drastically.



Meet Jose Hawilla, Brazilian Business Wizard, Mentor and Inspiration

Jose Hawilla is a native of São José do Rio Preto in São Paulo. Today, the former journalist is the owner of Traffic, Brazil’s top sports marketing firm.

A married father of three, Jose Hawilla had to endure much skepticism during his early days. People simply could not comprehend how one could generate a successful business around football as he has proved possible. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge and intense drive to seize opportunity proactively have contributed greatly to his success.

Jose Hawilla worked in radio and television as a reporter for 10 years. The former commentator, producer and reporter also holds a degree in law. He was employed by Brazilian network giants such as Rede Globo, Bandeirantes and Rede Record. During this time Jose covered major sporting events such as the Olympics, FIFA World cup, and Formula One Racing.

Hawilla’s journalism career came to halt in 1979 when he was terminated and virtually blacklisted for attending a players strike. He was, at the time head of sports at Sao Paulo of Rede Globo. Eventually he was rehired but Hawilla took this as a sign that it was time to start his own business.

Doing just that, Jose Hawilla purchased Traffic with three partners. The company’s humble beginnings included bus stop advertisements, quickly growing to selling publicity board exposure in sports stadiums. Today Traffic is a FIFA accredited sports brokerage and marketing firm, representing over 90 of Brazil’s top footballers and brokering large sponsorship contracts such as the one between Nike and the Brazilian National Team. You can visit

From his simple beginnings as a reporter, today Jose Hawilla is one of Brazil’s most influential businessmen In addition to owning Traffic, Hawilla acquired many Rede Globo affiliates and a host of influential São Paulo newspapers. Check out abril to see more.

Hawilla frequently imparts his wisdom and advice to Brazil’s entrepreneurial youth. Regarding the vital will to win, Hawilla had this to say, “It’s not to wait for the opportunity to show up. Sometimes it even shows up, but you have to look for the opportunities in life. The young man has to want to grow up.”

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