Brick And Mortar Shopping Closing, Brick Mining Opening and Fabletics Pioneering

There has been a prediction that online shopping is going to kill off brick and mortar shopping. This prediction has pretty much been fulfilled with the many companies closing down in 2017 and plenty of other businesses at risk in 2018. Even the fashion industry is facing trouble in the brick and mortar world. The once success fast fashion companies are also facing trouble with the realization that customers are preferring to shop online as opposed to shopping in stores. However, this is not stopping some of the online companies from opening stores for data collection.


Fabletics is one of the successful online companies that have opened a limited amount of stores in some of the largest markets. Kate Hudson has decided to open up some stores in order to see how customers interacted with the products. This also helps them determine what customers would do if they shopped at the stores and tried out some products. One thing that Kate Hudson understands about shopping for clothes is that some items may look good on the shelf but may lose its appeal after it has been tried on. This is one disadvantage that the internet has. People are not able to try on any product and see how it fits and feels on them.


Fabletics and other online businesses are participating in a phenomenon that is known as brick mining. This is where online stores open up physical locations to learn about its customers. This type of observation of customers can help people figure out ways to improve their product selections as well as the relationships with their customers.


Fabletics and other online businesses are always thinking about ways to move forward and improve the experiences for customers. Business owners look ahead on trends in order to see what they can use to their benefits and the benefits of their customers. Fabletics has already enjoyed a strong start with the uniquely designed products that customers have come to enjoy. The current objective is to keep the success going at the very least, and find ways to improve on the success.

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