Academy of Art University Web Design Program Hosts Annual Spring Event

Each spring, the Academy of Art University hosts an annual event for its web design program. During this event, students of the web design program are able to showcase their latest projects and work for both employers and members of the local community to see. This annual event has been very helpful for students who are looking to get employment opportunities as well as for the school to demonstrate the quality of its web design program. Over the past few years, the annual spring web design event has been one of the main attractions for the Academy of Art University.

With the web design program, students are able to get instruction from some of the top experts in the field. The instructors have real world work experience in web design and are therefore able to provide students with the most updated knowledge and skills. As a result, the instruction of this program is among the best available in web design. Students of this program learn a number of things such as motion graphics, visual design and basic code. With these skills, they are able to put together attractive websites and demonstrate strong proficiency in designing websites. A number of employers who have attended the event have been quite thrilled with the quality of work made by the students. Therefore, the web design program has gained a lot of credibility in recent years.

The Academy of Art University is an educational institution located in San Francisco. It offers students the opportunity to study a wide variety of programs in that art and technology fields. Students are able to complete degree programs in fields such as web design, fashion design, photography and drawing. They are taught from instructors who have practical experience in the fields they teach classes. The school offers both offline and online degree programs to best accommodate the needs of each student. In recent years, the Academy of Art University has been recognized for its top programs and talented graduates.

Glenn Schlossberg A Man Of All Trades

Who is Glenn Schlossberg? A business mogul, a clothes’ designer, producer, inventor, Schlossberg represent all those things. Glenn Schlossberg started in his father’s, shop spending hours learning his craft. He didn’t stop there though. As he learned the trade, his belief in himself grew. He knew he could do better. With his uncanny ability to predict trends, he has successfully stayed at the top of his game.

Despite not having a formal education, he launched Jump, a clothing brand for young women. At twenty-six, he landed a million dollar account with Montgomery Ward, reports by

An instinct to know when to make changes, Glenn Schlossberg took the initiative when cotton Lycra lost its appeal. He scraped everything and reinvented Jump, did his research on which department had the strongest sales and put his concentration in that area. Always on the lookout for new trends, he discovered a need for plus size clothing when a customer wanted to see his evening dresses in a larger size. He took the plunge into the market of plus size by creating a new line called Onyx Nite. Tianna B his daytime clothing line is hugely popular.

Schlossberg credits much of his success from his need for speed. Indeed, his need for speed gives him the one up on his competition. For instance, he remains ahead by ensuring whatever products were sold out had a twenty-one-day turned around.

Glenn Schlossberg’s instinct has led him all over the world in search of the perfect fabric and design, especially to China and Korea. Experience has taught him to spot the right fabric before the consumer could even ask for it.

In addition, he recognizes a good deal. For example, his company has purchased Cathy Daniel APPAREL, a sportswear company, that has been in business for forty years.

Perhaps, some of Schlossberg’s success came from the fact that he kept to one area. Most of his production is done in Manhattan Midtown however, at least 20 percent of his sells are abroad.

He received numerous awards, including the Export Achievement Award. He and his company were named Fashion Industry Exporter of the year. His advice to young entrepreneurs starts your business as soon as possible.

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Gino Pozzo: Leading Successful Football Clubs

Gino Pozzo is a renowned person in the sports industry today. He is the owner of the Watford Sports Club since 2015. He was brought up by parents who were very passionate about sports. The Pozzo family also owns Udinese club that was purchased by his father in Italy in 1986 and Granada club of Barcelona. Gino was brought up in Italy but moved in the United States for a Masters degree at Harvard at the age of 18 years. He later moved to Barcelona and stayed for 20 years and later to Spain after getting married. In 2013, he moved to London with his family to concentrate more on running the Watford football club.

For the Pozzo family, football is equally an investment as it is their passion. In 2008, the family sold their woodworking business to focus more on their investment in football clubs. The focus is to enable them to run the clubs in the right way. Gino Pozzo has been a key person to the family and has helped in developing a unique scouting-driven model of club ownership. The model has been significant in ensuring the growth and success of the clubs especially the Udinese Club in 1993.

Football club ownership today is a good way of making money and the Pozzo family is making significant moves in this effort. Part of the business model the family is adopting is recruiting and trading players. Though the media portrays this as the club’s instability, the management holds that it’s a good approach necessary for the development of a good environment at the club.

Gino Pozzo’s passion is the main secret of his success in running the Watford football club. He is actively involved in both the administrative and fiscal daily operations of the club. Because of his efforts, he was ranked fourth CEO football club owners by the Talksport’s 2019 rankings.

Heather Parry’s role in A Star Is Born Documentary

Heather Parry is the President of Live Nation Productions which she launched in 2015. She facilitated in the production of one of the greatest films in history known as A Star Is Born. Knowing that Bradley Cooper was going to direct the movie, she called his agent, Dave Bugliari. Dave was hesitant about the offer that Parry wanted to give them but later accepted it. Heather said she was going to help in marketing it through attending concerts and festivals in the country.

Heather Parry

Upon attending dinner at Bill Gerber’s resident, she held meetings with him about their marketing platform. The production company has shown passion in the industry since working with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Lady Gaga, French Montana, and many more. She plans on doing a TV series project that tells stories of musician moms. Due to her creativity and aim to do great things, Heather Parry demands attention from her clients. Heather Parry believes that life is not fun without taking risks and that’s why he ventured into the scripted film business.

Before co-founding Live Nation Productions, she was an employee at MTV. She started as a presenter in the News department at the age of 22 to being a West Bureau Chief. She produced ’Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which starred 50 Cent among other projects. After indulging in film development and production in the company, she received the ’Twilight’ but MTV did not see its potential of bringing millions to the franchise. She left for Sandler’s Happy Madison in 2005 where she was super active in production of music-related films.

Heather Parry’s experience assists Live Nation in owning music festivals in collaboration with their sponsors and marketing teams. Heather says that these projects are all about the artists. A Star Is Born is expected to cost approximately five million dollars to show the artists behind the music. Parry says that picking of a distribution partner is different in all projects that are done since they consider several factors.

Sam Jejurikar: A Famous Cosmetic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is gaining popularity in the modern world. People are continuously seeking to adjust their breasts, facial appearance, and butts. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a Dallas based plastic surgeon who prides himself in providing successful cosmetic adjustment. He always serves with a professional demeanor that leaves colleagues and clients admiring his work. He is an active member of International Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Taskforce.

The organization is committed to research and examine the side effects of augmentation surgery. Sam Jejurikar was born in Minnesota and spent his teenage life in the Midwest. He had a passion for medicine and ended up at the University of Michigan. After clearing his med studies, he went to New York where he advanced his studies in Manhattan ear, eye and throat hospital. The experience at Manhattan made him more aggressive to learn more about cosmetic surgery. Besides having honing skills in medicine, Sam Jejurikar is also an eloquent speaker. He attracts a large crowd in his speeches covering successful cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic based research.

Sam Jejurikar is a celebrated philanthropist who gives back to the community by operating free surgeries to privileged members of the community. He extends his good deeds in other countries where he travels to help repair cleft palates and other affiliated deformities. One of the coming days, he will go to Bangladesh. On his tour to Bangladesh, he will attend to several patients in need of his medical attention. He never feels comfortable until he offers his medical services to people who urgently need them.

Despite being too busy, Dr. Sam Jejurikar creates time for his patients. He conducts consultancy services to his patients to monitor their progress and give them a go ahead. He does this to make sure individual medication is unique and suits his needs. Dr. Sam Jejurikar offer services that are not harmful to the client. His services are focused on reaching customer satisfaction. He allows his customers to express their need freely.

Herbalife Growth in 2019

Market analysts expect Herbalife to have steady growth in 2019. Herbalife is a company that deals with nutritional products. It has five different revenue sections. The company has seen a drop of -1.24% of the total stock since the beginning of the year. On January 29, the closing share was $58.22.

It indicated a further -0.65% drop in the capital. Any short-sighted investor would be obliged to sell at this point. However, stock analysts estimate the price to get to $65 in another 12 months easily.

This analysis comes after the 45.6% value the stock has garnered over the last 12 months. A lot of investors have enjoyed this period. During September 2018, the company took everyone by surprise when it registered a $0.74 per share as they expected $0.67. It led to the quarterly revenues hiking to $1.34 billion.

During a similar time the previous year, the company had only witnessed $1.09 billion in revenues. The last six months have seen the company stock maintain an 11.45% growth keeping a 48.25% distance from the closest low. Currently, the stock trades higher than its 200 days moving average giving a clear long term view of the capital.

But what would be the cause of this anticipated growth?

The growth may be attributed to the use of a direct selling business model into their business. This model has helped the company create a solid positive reputation to their business and get their products to reach more consumers. So, how does use of a direct selling business model affect the growth of Herbalife?

Brand Recognition

Herbalife Nutrition is a brand widely recognized in more than 90 countries. For close to 40 years, Herbalife has been developing and nurturing their relationship with direct clients all over the world.

They make use of independent distributors who provide already recognizable products to end consumers who may not have the opportunity to purchase the product. The independent distributors do their marketing promotions that bring about consumers who are engaged in a very personal way of creating trust and most likely leading to a chain of return client.

Provides Flexible working options to Sales Representatives

The company does not regulate the working hours of their independent sales representatives. They can choose what time works best for them; be it working fulltime or part-time. In addition to that, anybody looking to increase their income can become a sales rep for Herbalife. It allows for a significant number of people to enroll and be part of the sales team.

With a significant number of sales representatives all over the world, the personal client relationship and a quality product that the company gives, Herbalife’s growth is undoubtedly expected to be on the rise.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm


Career life of Ashley Lightspeed

Every business must adopt innovative measures for it to make it in today’s highly competitive market. A significant number of ventures have failed due to ignorance from its executives and also due to lack of coordination from its team of workers. Ashley Lightspeed is one of the individuals that fully understand the importance of adopting the use of technology in a firm for its success. While she was growing up, the duo was always passionate about being an architect just like her father. She always helped him in coming up with new designs at home, and she also took part in conducting various manual jobs in her early days. She later discovered that she was passionate about helping other people gain creativity in their lives and her major focus was to help other people build and grow their businesses through her expertise.

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Before graduating from the university, she had already acquired a job at the famous Thumbtack company. After pursuing her career, Ashley Lightspeed joined the Lightspeed company, where she helps the firm come up with creative ways to improve their products and services. She has worked with the employees of the company to ensure that it comes up with different measures so at to move ahead of other companies in the industry.

The ability of the duo to engage with other successful individuals in the industry has helped her acquire more knowledge about investments. She has also relied on her diverse expertise in both architecture and other fields to learn ways through which she can overcome failure and avoid discouragement form the different issues that she faces in the course of her career. Ashley continues to be an influential figure in the lives and careers of many people, and her ability to connect to the relationship of architecture and business has also enabled her to continue achieving a lot in her profession.



The Medical Career of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre has a successful career in the healthcare business as a business strategist and payment expert. She has a Ph.D., an MBA and a BSN and lives in Colorado, Denver in particular. She is a graduate from Loyola University in Chicago, where she earned her MBA, from Southern Illinois University, she earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing and finally, from the University of Colorado, in Denver, she acquired her doctor of philosophy. She began her medical career in 1997 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she was a resource coordinator, the manager of their hospital administrative team, and a nurse for about six years. She moved to Ann Arbor and joined the University of Michigan as a business analyst and an administrative manager. During her time at the institution, she received an award for outstanding leadership and also earned a six sigma certification. Find out more about Deirdre at

After three years in the University of Michigan healthcare system, Deirdre t, in 2006, moved to Denver and joined the cardiac and vascular institute where she became the senior administrator. In the administrative role at the institution, Deirdre Baggot was responsible for a staff of 450 people and was in charge of business transactions like acquisitions, payer contracting, business development, marketing, and staff recruitment. During her time with the institution, she was able to incorporate new members to her team who eventually became key additions to the hospital. She managed to expand the system’s facilities by 11 clinic locations.

In addition to her career growth, Deirdre Baggot has participated in forums that are aimed at reforming the healthcare system. She has written articles on the issues bundle payments and healthcare reforms, she has participated in panels of experts in the same field and even led a demonstration on the same. Deirdre Baggot has been featured in a number of medical or health shows to discuss matters healthcare system.

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Vijay Eswaran Philanthropy Heroe

This season, Iike almost every other year, Forbes Asia released its annual set of forty eight Heroes of Philanthropy to honour a few of Asia-Pácific’s biggest businéss tycoons and billionaires who’ve contributed huge amount of money to society to get various causes, and in addition little-known citizéns whom are really good with their limited funds.

Forbes Magazine selected 4 philanthropists from each one of the 12 countries in your community to create up this List, and aré thrilled and próud to mention thát Professional Chairman óf the QI Gróup, Dato’ Vijay Eswáran ranks amongst the very best 4 Malaysian Philanthropists, alongside Vincent Tan, Kóon Yew Yin ánd the spouse & wife group, Angela & Hijjas Kásturi!

Our warmest congratulations to Dato’ Vijáy Eswaran because of this once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment!

Dato’ Vijay Eswáran provides been deeply involved in numerous charitable tasks worldwide through his two foundations — RYTHM Basis and Vijayaratnam Base. Whilst RYTHM Basis has been associated with different endeavors globally in the regions of education, devastation relief, kids and community advancement, the Malaysian Part, Vijayaratnam Basis, is involved with youth and females empowerment, arts & culture, kid mentoring and énvironment safety tasks in Malaysia.

“I am deeply humbled simply by this honor. l result from a family member where philanthropy is a lifestyle. My parents possess instilled in me the worthiness of being operating to others from an age. And among my icons is usually Mahatma Gandhi whosé theories type the foundation of RYTHM – Raisé YOU TO ULTIMATELY Help Mankind, which usually resulted in the inception óf the RYTHM Basis. ”

“The Base wás created never to mainly be considered a subscriber or á charity, yet instéad to become a catalyst to innovate, encourage and put into action new synergies that could enable people tó stand by themselves feet instead of looking meant for áid. Which explains why we concentrate on enough time and effort we’re able to provide people in néed, instead of how big is the chéque.

How Nick Vertucci Maneuvered His Financial Issues

Nick Vertucci is a great mentor to the real estate prospects. His success trend is an incredible motivation. He is an excellent example of from grass to grace. Nick moved from a poor man to a millionaire, he then tripped back to poverty but later maneuvered and became a millionaire again. This is the best kind of an investor to listen to since he knows all the phases of success. He started with a Tech Business that attained massive success and raised him his first million. Unfortunately, the victory was short-lived as the venture came to a dead end during the 2000 dot-com crash. This burst affected his business so severely such that he almost lost all that he had invested. He almost lost his home during this massive crash. Nick Vertucci faced harsh and severe life. He had to make a move that would regain his financial freedom and secure his financial future.

When things got too harsh and unbearable, Nick Vertucci decided to join the police force and served for eighteen years. It is at this juncture that he refocused on regaining his financial status. This desire led him to real estate investment. One of his close friends invited him for a real estate seminar after which he spends ten years studying all that he could about the real estate investment process. Nick was not ready for any mistake on this new move. He was very cautious not to make mistakes as he did with his previous business venture. Nick Vertucci finally managed to achieve success where he served as a seminar educator where the same real estate training program. At this juncture, Nick had already made his mindset formula which he implemented together with the cash flow system that he developed to spread his knowledge and business process to his students.